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Beagle Channel (Lighthouse, Penguins, Harberton Ranch)

Boat ride to the Sea Lion island, Cormorants island, Penguins island and the world's 
second-to-last  " Les `Eclaireus " lighthouse.
Half day tour from Ushuaia, leaving at 9:00 am or 3:00 pm from the tourist dock.
Embark on a two and a half hour boat ride into  the Beagle Channel in front of the city of Ushuaia to discover both the Sea Lion and the Cormorants island on your way to the world's second-to-last lighthouse. You will first see the Sea Lion sunbathing on the island where they set up their colony. Then we will visit  the bird island habitat of the Magaellanic Cormorants and Imperial Cormorants, and also a privileged area to spot specimens of the marine fauna.
In the end you will sail around the famous red and white, highly-photographed " Les `Eclaireurs " lighthouse before go back to Ushuaia. Once back in town, don't forget to retrieve your pirate map at our partner's gift shop for a souvenir of your trip to the End of the World !
If you want to see the Magallanic Penguin, you are taking the same way described above, crossing the Beagle Channel heading North-South we will see Gable Island and Port Williams Navy Base (placed on Navarino Island, Republic of Chile). As we reach Martillo Island, we get near the beach and stay there for a while. It is amazing to watch how the Magaellanic Pinguin colony that nest during the summer get near the ship with great curiosity, get into the sea swimming under the ship and emerging back out. It is a feast to the eye that invites us to take countless pictures.
To the last option you can add the historical ranch " Estancia Harberton ", the oldest in the area, which invites us to visit the first Fuegian Farmhouse, with its building brought from England. The house belongs to the Bridges family and had its origins when they established there after the Anglican Mission ended in Ushuaia. The walk around the Farmhouse includes its natural reserve, the Bridge`s family cemetery, the Shearing Shed and the house facilities.   If you decide take this option it is a full day tour and you go back to Ushuaia trough the mountains with a great view of the forest.

  • Port taxes are not included
  • food is not included
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