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Viedma Glacier Navigation

It is a half day tour in the morning or in the afternoon, you can go in your own car to the port or we can pick you up at your hotel.
Viedma Glacier is located in Los Glaciares National Park in the Province of Santa Cruz and is the largest in Argentina. It was thought to believe that the Upsala Glacier was the largest but recent studies indicate that the Viedma glacier has major surface (978km2). It flows directly from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field to the lake. Its front is 40mt from the level of the lake. Their risings are located in the heart of the ice field between 1.500 y 2.200 msnm. It has some dark, deep lines on the surface that are volcanic ashes strips mixed with ice. Also, it has suffered many repressions but not as important as the rest of the glaciers.
Viedma Lake was discovered by Antonio de Viedma, in 1877 when Francisco Pascacio Moreno and Carlos María Moyano where on an expedition and discovered is location and characteristics. It belongs to the hydric basin of the Santa Cruz River, located 49 º and 50 º south latitude. It rises in the Andes range even though its oriental lobe stands in the sub Andean region. The Western coast of the lake is high, eroded by the ice; instead theoriental coast is lower.
With arid edges and beautiful mountains covered with snow and an extension of 85km long and 20km wide, the basin does not count with important affluent so it mainly receives water from the glacier. It breaks away from the West of Mariano Moreno range by the valley that is located between mts Huemul (2.677 m) and mts. Campana (2.570 m).
From Tunel Bay we will sail by Viedma lake to the front of the glacier were we will be able to see Mt. Huemul. A guide from Los Galciares National Park will accompany us. Tunel Bay, located 17 km south of El Chalten, where we will embark and sail to the Viedma Glacier. We will sail south by the bay allowing us to sail by the shore so we can see the stunning Mt. Fitz Roy as well as Mt. Huemul. Once we arrive Hornos cape (Far south east), the boat turns west and we will set our eyes on the stunning Viedma glacier. The sailing is done in the front of the glacier’s wall of 40mt high above the level of the lake, were you will be able to see big ice bergs as well. This is an ideal place for lectures on glaciology that are given by our guides. 

• Itinerary 1 

- 11:45 Embarkation and sailing on the Viedma Glacier. 

- 12:00 the sailing begins on time. 

- 13:15 sailing at the front of the glacier. 

- 14:30 Arrive to Tunel Bay. 


• Itinerary 2 

- 14:45 Embarkation and sailing on the Viedma Glacier. 

- 15:00 the sailing begins on time. 

- 16:15 sailing at the front of the glacier. 

- 17:30 Arrive to Tunel Bay.


  • Snack and hot beverage is included
  • Bilingual Guide


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