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W Trekking

         One of the most famous trekking in Patagonia, an unforgettable experience in contact with nature in the Eighth Wonder of the world !!!.....Is

" W "  TREK

      The price in refugio include just the bed and the price in camping include all the equipment and the camp site ( it is per person not per tent ).


- The Classic, five days with four nights:

   In REFUGIOS     U$ 600

   Or CAMPING      U$ 385


- You don't have enough time for the Classic then try, four days with three nights:

   In REFUGIOS    U$510

   Or CAMPING     U$335


- And the shortest option where you can also see the three valleys, three days and two nights.

   In REFUGIOS    U$ 420

   Or CAMPING     U$285


-  An alternative to see the whole park and trek to the most famous viewpoint "Las Torres"    

    in two days with one night,  including the amazing experience of sleeping in the park. 

    In REFUGIO      U$320

    Or CAMPING     U$240


In the refugios you have to use sleeping bag, if you don't have it, you can rent it from them or rent it in Puerto Natales and carry it all the hike, some places offer bed linen as an option.

If you want to add food, just let us know !!!...please keep in mind that in the refugios you can't cook, you can do that in the camping area but you need to bring your own staff.

If you think you need a guide while hiking in the park to help you, to accompany and to give you the best tips don't doubt to ask us !!


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