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Wild horses at Patagonia

Sierra Dorotea "Horse Riding" or "Hiking"

Visable from Puerto Natales and located just 11 km ( 6.8 miles ) away of town , Sierra Dorotea forms a ridge line heading off to the North West , on it’s way to Torres del Paine.
It’s location makes for great half or full day visits with horseback riding and trekking to choose from .
Horseback Riding:
Adam is the real thing… A life long VAQUEANO ( or cowboy ) , he knows the area like no other one , and loves to show visitors the wild side of Patagonia . You will ride up to the ridge line and turn your horse northward following it’s breathtaking trail . Amazing views await you , and depending on the weather you can see Balmaceda Glacier, Tenerife, and La Olla , along with other peaks set in a snow covered mountain range . Our small town can be seen spreading out along the Straight of Ultima Esperanza , and with some luck , you might spot eagles or even a condor soaring over head! . To the East side , you’ll see the never ending pampas of Argentina . On the way home it’s time for the experienced rider to let the horses run! .
Don’t forget to share a “mate” and eat some of the tipical meal in Patagonia with Adam and his wife before heading back to Natales ( it is include in the price ) .

  • Trasportation is not included .

You will be welcomed by Frida , a real Patagonian Pioneer . She will show you the begining of the upward trail . The walk is pretty steep but in less than a hour you will reach the view point . When you return to Frida’s casa she will be waiting with ONCE ( or tea time ) : coffee, tea , homemade bread , farm fresh eggs and her rubarb preserves…Frida is a great host , and makes for a real Patagonia experience .

  • Entrance and trasportation are not included .
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