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PENGUIN TOURS (Magdalena, Seno Otway and King Penguin Colony)

Seno Otway:

A Mini Van will pick you up from your Hostel or Hotel between 4:00 to 4:30 pm and travels north out of Punta Arenas . The 1,5 hour drive gives great views of the Straight of Magellan as well as the Patagonian Pampa . Keep your eyes wide open for foxes , skunks , and maybe , even a Ñandu (Patagonian Ostrich ). You’ll arrive to Seno Otway just in time to watch ma & pa penguin returning from their midday fishing trip to feed their little ones tucked away in their tiny burrows , spend arund 2 hours leisurely wandering along the trails thru the penguin village , or observ them from the beach , or see them from the aerial view platforms . You will be back around 8 pm to Punta Arenas.
You can do this tour also in the morning but we should like to recommend to make it in the afternoon because the penguin population at the colony is much more bigger at that time.

  • The tour does not include park’s entrance fee.

Magdalena Island:
It is a half day tour from Punta Arenas and we have two options for you, fast and slow boat.
Fast boat tour: is starting at 7:00 am from the office in the downtown.
Slow boat tour: meeting at 7:30 in "Tres Puentes" harbor for a departure at 8:00 am or you can choose to do it in the afternoon (the hours of the schedulle can very).
On the fast boat, enjoy a 1 hour ride first to Marta Island to get a glimpse of the sea lion colony on your way to Magdalena Island, there you will have 1 hour to see the penguins up-close and personal, walking around you without fear and crossing the paths right in front of you, between November and December  for sure you can admire the cutiest Magallanic baby penguins.

  • In this case transportation is not include.
  • Entrance fee is include.

On the slow boat, you will enjoy a quieter and longer ride To Magdalena Island (about 2 hours one way) before enjoying the island in the same way described above. You will be back in town around 1 pm, if you take the tour in the morning.

  • In this case transportation is not include.
  • Entrance fee is include.

King Penguin:
It is a full day tour, the pick up start around 7:30 am frm your hotel, and .......

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